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Aug 14, 2014 by @drkirkwood · View  

Summary from a very large CDC study on diabetes. Longer life-spans are definitely complicating the picture.

"The ongoing diabetes and obesity epidemics have combined with ever-increasing human lifespans to increase lifetime risk of type 2 diabetes to about 40 percent for both men and women, said lead study author Edward Gregg, chief of the epidemiology and statistics branch in the division of diabetes translation at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"



Dr. Kirkwood responded Aug 15, 2014 · View

Totally agreed, @jackie_g. Definitely share this research with your colleagues.


Frank responded Thu, Oct 13 at 12:14pm PST · View

I was surprised by this figure as well.

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Wed, Sep 14 at 9:16pm PST by @community · View  

Testing just adding formal "Daily Huddle" tag.

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Mon, Aug 29 at 6:51pm PST by @community in Research Advocates · View  

This is the latest research report about standards.Staff Engagement

This is the latest research report about standards.

Staff Engagement

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Wed, Aug 17 at 8:47pm PST by @community · View  

Can I use multiple Tags?

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Wed, Aug 17 at 8:38pm PST by @community · View  

What about #community

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